About ZXPhoneFix


ZXPhoneFix is one of the biggest leaders in Phone LCD Parts industry, founded in 2008 based in Shenzhen, China.

With over 10 years business experience in Phone LCD industry, we are supplying our customers high quality products with competitive prices in the market, because we believe that the key to meeting their needs is the quality.


ZXPhoneFix is the factory for iPhone LCD. We also offer Parts for iPad, iPod, iWatch, Samsung, LG, HuaWei, XiaoMi and so on.
(We do offer spare parts for battery, charging port, camera, back housing, home button, ear speaker, loudspeaker, and phone materials like adhesive, glass, bezel frame, polarized, back light to all of the refurbish customers.)

To meet various customers’ needs, We established an effective team: professional technicians, testing & packing staffs and after-sale team to provide customers high quality screens, solve you all other package and shipping issues. Also ,we provide tailored business solutions.


We are committed to win-win cooperation. Our customers are partners, expand customers' business and reduce their costs with our professional technology, and help them to get more profit in this industry.

We are ZXPhoneFix, and we are here to help you grow.

Need help? We're available at +86 755 61886966 Email us at service@zxphonefix.com or Live Help